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The human eyes perceive color by light stimulating the retina (a neuro-membrane lining inside the back of they eye). The retina is made up of rods and cones in which rods help us to see in low light but are unable to distinguish color, and in daylight environments cones allow us to perceive color.

Each cone contains a light sensitive pigment, which is sensitive over a range of wavelengths. Color deficiency or color blindness results when genes that are passed down from parents to their children contain the wrong coding instructions for these pigments.

As each color that we see is fully reliant on the sensitivity ranges of those pigments an individual with cones containing the improperly coded pigments will be sensitive to different wavelengths of light resulting in color deficiency.

It is a common misconception that people labeled as "color blind" only see black and white - like watching a black and white movie on television. This is not true as it is extremely rare to be totally color blind (monochromasy--or, the complete absence of any color sensation).

Color and You

It is rather easy to realize how important color distinction is when you take a moment to think about how many daily tasks rely on color discernment for ease of completion. How does a red green color deficient person determine when the meat they are barbecuing is done? How critically important is it for an individual with protanopia (cannot see red), to pay attention when they are driving as the red light may be indistinguishable from the green?

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Disclaimer:  please confirm with your future employer prior to purchasing ChromaGen
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Color isn't just a component of vision. We associate color with beauty, like in a gorgeous sunset. Some colors have meaning in and of themselves: purple is for royals, red signifies passion...

Colors seep into our expressions: If we're depressed, we say we're feeling blue. We're also 'green with envy', we 'see red' and we might go 'white with fear".

Colors even have practical meaning: red means stop, green means go. Certain colors are said to help you sleep, while others make you hungry.

And never underestimate the effect of a bright red dress. Color is important.
-Katie Lambert,

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