New Optical Solution
For Color Blindness

ChromaGen® Lenses

ChromaGen is a new life changing lens technology which is patented, cleared by the FDA, and is now available in the United States.

Color Blindness

1 in 8 men and 1 in 200 women are color blind.

"For 97% of people that are color blind,
ChromaGen lenses are their solution."David Harris, Ph.D
ChromaGen Founder

ChromaGen is a patented and FDA-Cleared system of lenses designed to enhance color perception by using selective wavelengths of light to stimulate defective cone cells which enables the patient to more accurately interpret and perceive color.

After the appropriate ChromaGen lenses are prescribed for each eye, an individual that was unable to pass a standard color deficiency test is now able to interpret and perceive colors in the correct fashion and experience the full range of the color spectrum.

ChromaGen users who are color blind may now pass a standard color deficiency test and secure employment that they were prohibited from because they could not distinguish color. They can also experience the complete range of colors and see what they have been missing.

The ability to distinguish color offers more employment opportunites in job categories where color distinction is mandatory.

In Training

On The Job

In The Field

1 in 8 men & 1 in 200 women
have some form of
color blindness.